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We all incarnate with a handful of core competencies.

Core Competencies are very individual and powerful gifts, talents and skills. Some of us go to universities to study the subjects buried deep in our soul memory. Some choose their core competencies as their life’s job, as a career as a mission. A successful mission/ career can be accomplished within 20 to 30 years of work. The result: one ore more core competencies have been integrated within daily life and have created a unique work field. This makes you, your work and your service highly valuable and impossible to copy. From now on, you can speed up this process with my help.

Your soul system shows me your core competencies and I make them visible and tangible for you. From deep within your consciousness, I bring them to the surface of your Self. With every single one of your competencies I awaken a part of the core of your being.

Instead of spending many years digging, shaping, integrating and working on this, it happens instantly, within minutes. We often need our whole lives to make our core visible. Many of us give up during this process of sculpting out our individual genius, because it seems unreachable. Too far away or too many other demands in everyday life that do not leave enough room to bring your Self into existence.

When I awaken your core competencies, I am doing this work for you. From that moment on, you begin to create from your own core competency level.

How long does it take?
Probably about an hour for the 2 of us and a day or two for yourself to calibrate your energy system.

Investment: US$ 50,000.00* for each core competence

You can do a maximum of 4 in a row with a day break between each initiation.

Before you decide to book right away, let’s talk. We both have to be certain about what is possible right now, and if we want to go on this journey together.

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