Manifesting your potential

Manifesting your potential


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Manifesting existing potential immediately

Unlike core competencies, which we often leave behind scattered in our heaven and our soul family and only bring to earth as a fragment of memory, potentials have come into these lives with us. Therefore, from our refusal, they can be quickly be transformed into their realisation if we use their activation code.

Each potential has its own individual code, which is set like a key in the aura or our body and leads from the refusal to fulfilment.

When the potentials are activated again, our bodies are aligned causally with us from physical to hyper-causal. Our life aligns with us, our potentials serve our path. We value ourselves. We experience the grace of self-responsibility and respect for ourselves. A few ifs and buts fall by the wayside.

Investment US $ 20,000.00 for up to 10 potentials and alignment of your 5 bodies to support your life.

US$ 2,000.00 for a single potential activation.

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single potential, Up to 10 potentials