2,465 QEPPs energy output

Exclusively charged by Agni with the frequency that supports the change to the new DNA.
Quantum energy for your pocket or for wearing it around your neck, made with Swiss quantum technology by 90.10.

This special POWER CAPSULE was developed to provide the wearer with a particularly large amount of quantum energy and the special frequency to support the DNA transformation. At the same time, it offers great flexibility.

The special “DNA” energy frequency that Agni downloaded is stored in the capsule. The titanium spheres in the capsule, which are charged with quantum energy, amplify the frequency so that it perfectly envelops the system of the wearer. The vibration persists for some 100 years. One capsule is recommended per person.

Contents: 1 piece
Size: 50 mm long, 13 mm diameter

Material: The cover is made of aluminum, the surface of which has been finished with colourless eloxide. The spheres are made of surgical, biocompatible implant titanium, which has high corrosion protection and an oxide surface seal. The aluminum parts protect against electromagnetic influences.

Energy output: 170 QEPPs per sphere, 2,465 QEPPs in total

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Investment US$ 200.00 each Power Capsule

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